Assembling the First SolarWind® Turbine

Two Technologies, Smaller Footprint, Higher Output

The SolarWind® Turbine Breakthrough

Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc. (BSW) has developed the world’s first integrated wind turbine that builds solar panels into the turbine itself to maximize energy production using both the wind and the sun. The Solarwind® vertical-axis turbine is beautiful, powerful, silent, and safe – designed for urban and suburban on-site power generation, where the power is needed most and where people live and work.  This is a true technological breakthrough that significantly reduces the amount of space needed to generate solar and wind energy in non-rural areas, while significantly increasing energy output in a small, scalable footprint.


As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow, many cities and states are adopting 100% renewable energy goals, and the need for on-site solar and wind energy generation in urban and suburban areas is growing in the form of microgrids.  The microgrid market in the US which serves corporations, hospitals, hotels, other commercial/industrial customers and large homeowners captured 35% of the global market in 2018 accounting for just under $2.5 billion.  In 2018, renewable energy generation accounted for only 17.6% of US microgrid production.  The global microgrid market was valued at $18.74 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $33 billion in 2023 with a healthy CAGR of 10.28%. Among these regions, North America is currently dominating the microgrid market.   

 Today this market is predominantly served by fossil fuels because of space constraints, cost, and other permitting requirements in the urban and suburban areas such as safety, noise, and height restrictions.  The BSW Solarwind® Turbine satisfies all these requirements and thus, enables the rapid deployment of BSW Solarwind Microgrids which include the Solarwind Turbines, plus additional solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays and software monitoring.  There is no other product like this.  BSW is first to market with this integrated technology strategy, and the microgrid market is growing much larger very quickly.

Market Entry Strategy

BSW selected Alberta, Canada as the best location for market entry.  Canada leads the world with its ambitious Climate Leadership Plan and Alberta leads in Canada.  Alberta has adopted the highest carbon tax in Canada, currently set at $30 per ton.  From its inception in November 2016 until March 2019, Alberta has collected $3.7 billion and allocated over 80% of that tax income to the rapid transition into its renewable energy economy. Their current plan is to shut down all Alberta coal plants by 2030 and replace that supply with electricity generated by both large and small-scale renewable energy.  In August 2016, BSW created a subsidiary called Bluenergy Solarwind Canada (BSWC) to develop BSW’s Canadian business.

First Customer Installation

The first Solarwind® Microgrid is currently being installed on the campus of the Medicine Hat College in partnership with the City of Medicine Hat Utility, and BSWC.  To date, BSWC has received over CAD$360,831 in revenue from this project, and the Public/Private Partnership overall has received over CAD$1.15 million in Canadian Provincial and Federal grants thus far.

This Solarwind microgrid installation marks an exciting moment in BSW’s history as it signifies the shift into the commercialization phase in which three or more additional Solarwind microgrids will be developed and installed within the next 18 months, as the Solarwind® Turbines progress into volume manufacturing.  Although the initial market focus is in Canada, BSW is in discussions with several potential large microgrid customers in the US.

Who We Are

BSW has a highly experienced team of executives who are driven to make a large impact in the transition to a renewable energy economy.  It is our philosophy to use investor capital very efficiently by keeping the team small, using earned sweat equity and Canadian grants to augment investor capital until the product has been proven and ready for commercialization – which is happening now.  We have contracted with the best of class engineers and contract manufacturers to develop the technology vision of Joel Goldblatt, BSW’s CEO.  Running a lean and efficient team takes discipline and the wisdom which comes from decades of experience developing and building successful businesses around new technology.

Values and Goals

The BSW team values integrity, quality, hard work, fairness, operational discipline, and each individual’s contribution, including treating all shareholders equally by issuing only one class of stock. We are mission driven to make a major contribution to the renewable energy transition by effectively combining the power of solar and wind to produce more power in less space with beautiful design and safety, enabling major markets for new forms of renewable energy at a time when they are critically needed.  And we are financially driven to create an exceptional return for all shareholders.

We are seeking investors who share our values and who are excited to be part of creating the Solarwind® Future.